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Top 10 Rental Best Practices
Posted on Apr 17th, 2022

Homeowners who offer their homes for short term rentals are asked to please post a copy of these Top Ten Rental Rules for their guests to follow while staying at Live Oak Bend:
  1. No parties/events
  2. Quiet hours: 9pm - 7:00am Sun-Thur, 12:00am - 8:00am Fri & Sat
  3. Guests limited to maximum rental capacity during quiet hours
  4. No trespassing, including neighboring property and piers
  5. Parking is limited to the rental property and must not interfere with traffic
  6. All trash must be bagged and stored in proper containers
  7. No illegal drugs
  8. Minimum age to rent >= 21years old
  9. Pets must be contained/leashed and all waste removed
  10. A phone number must be provided to LOBCC for all rental properties in the event any of the above rules are broken and contact regarding the property is necessary. Please use the "Contact Us" feature on this web site.
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