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Welcome to Live Oak Bend! Our website is new and we are still adding content!
~ Calendar ~
Board Meeting
Sunday, June 7, 2020
Board meeting beginning at 1pm
Board Meeting
Sunday, August 2, 2020
Board meeting beginning at 1pm
Board Meeting
Sunday, September 6, 2020
Board meeting beginning at 1pm
Annual HOA Meeting
Saturday, October 17, 2020
10am to 12pm
Annual Live Oak Bend HOA meeting from 10am until noon
Board Meeting
Sunday, December 6, 2020
Board meeting beginning at 1pm

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~ News ~
Termite Swarm Season
Posted on Jan 30th, 2020
Spring typically is when large numbers of winged termites, known as "swarmers" emerge. In nature, termites swarm to start new colonies. Winged termites emerge from the colony and fly. The swarmers then drop to the ground, shed their wings, pair off with a mate, and attempt to begin new colonies in the soil. Usually, swarming indicates that an infestation is present.
911 Address on your Home
Posted on Nov 25th, 2019
Matagorda County is asking that all properties be marked with your 911 address based on your property location. To obtain your 911 address, call Rebecca at 979.244.6801, and she will advise you of the correct address. 
Your address should be visible during the day and night. Please remove any old address, usually showing your lot number, to avoid any confusion. By using only the 911 address system, emergency vehicles stand a better chance of finding your property, should the occasion arise. 
Zip Code and Your Home Address
Posted on Nov 25th, 2019
We're closer to getting our own zip code. The USPS has officially acknowledged our request, and the proposed boundaries are being mapped. A complete list from various sources of every delivery address will be included in the new zip code. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
No Events at this time.

~ Did You Know? ~
Sargent is on Caney Creek, a small river watershed that is one of the main sources of fresh water that enters the eastern part of East Matagorda Bay.